It’s Too Soon To Give Up On Your Fitness Goals

Embarking on a new fitness journey is exciting, energizing, and lots of fun…at first.

The first few days after setting a new health and fitness goal, you wake up early, motivated and determined to succeed. You get in an amazing workout and find sticking to your new diet a cinch, easily bypassing culinary temptations throughout the day. Your goal is fresh in your mind and you can already picture just how amazing you will look and feel when you reach it.


Then a week or two goes by. You begin to feel a little tired of waking up so early, you hit snooze a couple more times before rolling out of bed to start your day. Your muscles are stiff, and groan in complaint as you begin to warm them up yet again for another workout. You are growing pretty bored with eating the same plain chicken and steamed veggies day after day, and the lackluster results you have seen thus far begin to make you question whether or not all this is really worth the trouble, the pain, and the sacrifice.

Doubt begins to seep in, your resolve begins to slip and you begin to second guess yourself. You think maybe your workout isn’t quite right and consider “mixing things up” a bit to see if that is more effective.


You examine your diet and thoughts of “Am I eating too much? Too little? Not enough protein? Too many Carbs?” creep in. You start researching supplements, diet pills, and other potential short cuts.

You start to wonder whether or not you have some sort of health issue or genetic predisposition that is preventing you from seeing the results that you feel you should be achieving by now.

It is at this point in the journey that so many people quit. And it is at this point when I will encourage you not to give up. This is the moment where the little choices you make, where deciding if you are in or if you are out will really make a difference.

You see it is not necessarily that you are doing anything wrong. In fact, you may already be doing everything right; you just need to do it for longer.

The problem is, making one big change, or dramatically changing everything all at once is not going to be the “thing” that makes the immediate difference in your life.

Achieving your fitness goals is a long term commitment. You have to be patient, consistent, and diligent. You have to grant yourself grace and mercy and understanding. You must realize that you didn’t get to where you are now overnight, and therefore you won’t get to where you want to be overnight either.

In order to see real, life-changing, sustainable results, you must make small changes that you are able to commit to for the long haul. By enacting these small, seemingly insignificant changes day in and day out for many days, and weeks, and months, you will see changes take place in your life and in your body, and the best part is, these will be lasting changes.

Just because you are not seeing as immediate of feedback from your new regimen as you would like, does not mean you are not reaping the long-term benefits of your newly adopted healthier lifestyle. Health and fitness pursuits are slow and steady processes. The farther you are from your fitness goals when first beginning, the longer it will be before you start to realize noticeable changes.

Even if you experience a change on the scale, you may not see it when looking in the mirror. Adversely, the scale may not budge; or worse, go in the “wrong” direction, but yet you begin to feel your clothes fit better, or you may just feel stronger, healthier, and more energized.


Like all self-improvement journeys, one to improve your overall health and fitness consists of many small steps accumulating over time before the benefits can be truly realized. You won’t see the fruits of your labor immediately, and you likely won’t see them for quite some time. This can be discouraging, however, keeping sight of your fitness goals, being diligent, and simply taking those steps forward, regardless of how small or how slow, will truly make all the difference in 3, 6, and even 12 months from now.

Set your mind to take those steps, even if just one or two each day, and you will look back a year from now amazed at how far you will have come. You won’t believe it was ever as hard as it is right now, you won’t remember what it felt like when you thought it was impossible. You will simply understand that you are capable of so much more than you ever dared to dream.

Keep taking those steps slowly, surely, and one day you will find that you have arrived.

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