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Our Workout Routines

If you have specific fitness goals then you need specific training to accomplish them. You wouldn't go to school for a graphic art degree if your goal is to be an electrical engineer, and so you shouldn't train like a bodybuilder if your goal is to be a better runner. Fitness, like other pursuits in life, deserves goal-specific training.

We work very hard to ensure that each of our programs serves to help you reach a specific training goal and to also ensure that regardless what that goal may be, we have a workout routine that will fit your needs. Whether you are looking to lose a few pounds, gain some lean muscle, run faster, jump higher, or just live a healthier life overall we want to help you achieve your goals.

Fat Loss Workout Routines

These programs are guaranteed to make you sweat! Increase your metabolism and turn your body into a fat-burning machine. Less fat means more definition; more definition means a happier you.

Circuit Training Workout

1-1-15592669_ml-001One of our most popular programs, the Circuit Training Workout is an intense, Intermediate Level plan designed to help you burn fat and build muscle, getting you lean and toned. Transform your body from fat to fit through commitment to undergo this custom program and by incorporating a healthy diet into your daily routine.

This workout is designed for the intermediate fitness enthusiast that is trying to lose body fat. With built-in modifications for completing exercises at home, this program is optimized for the person who does not have time during the work week to head to the gym.

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Home Workout Program

1-1-13524757_mlDuring the course of this 6 week program you will progress through circuits of bodyweight exercises that will help you to blast body fat while building strength and stamina. This program implements multiple types of exercises. There is a mix of cardio based exercises to burn fat and bodyweight resistance exercises that improve strength and muscular endurance.

This program does not require the use of fitness equipment so it is great for those on a tight budget who want to workout from home without shelling out a bunch of cash up front.

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Mud Runs and Races Workouts

These routines have been designed to help you run farther, faster, and prepare to tackle obstacles in an obstacle course race or mud run.

Mud Run Training: 5K Beginner

1-1-20803983_mlThis 6 week training program is built to help the novice Mud Run competitor prepare for a 5K Mud Run. The exercises in this program are designed to help you run faster and farther, stop and conquer obstacles along the way, and continue to run through the mud without being dragged down to a walk.

The 5K Mud Run Training program is designed for the novice runner who wishes to compete in a 5K mud run or obstacle course race. This routine is great for training first time competitors, as well as helping return contestants to improve their completion times for a 5K mud run.

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10K Intermediate Running

1-11696831_ml-001The following Intermediate Running: 10k training program is designed for the somewhat experienced runner who has 4 days a week to dedicate to training for a 10K race. Remember to hydrate and eat right during Intermediate Running: 10k training. Make sure to eat plenty of complex carbohydrates during this program in order to properly recover from each intense training day.

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Muscle and Fitness Workout Routines

Want to bulk up muscle without packing on fat? Looking to compete or need to conquer a challenging fitness assessment? These routines, when paired with proper diet and dedication, are designed to help you do just that. Not for the beginner lifter, these programs require proper form for heavy compound exercises such as chest press and squats. Let's take you to that next level together and build the perfect muscle-filled body.

Big Muscle Workout

1-1-10316941_mlThis advanced 12- week workout program is designed to maximize muscle and strength gains while still promoting fat loss. This bodybuilding program will start you with a strong foundation of muscle to take you to the next level and prepare you for even more advanced workouts.

The Big Muscle Workout routine is not for the beginner lifter. If you already have a good understanding of proper form for heavy compound exercises such as chest press and squats, then you are on the right track.

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Military/Law Enforcement Preparation

1-1-20454442_xlThis 12 week workout regimen is designed to prepare prospective Marines, soldiers, and police officers for the demanding physical agility requirements involved with entry into military and/or law enforcement careers.

This program's primary focus is to improve your push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups and 3-mile run time. Upon completion of this program you should notice a dramatic increase in you scores on the physical fitness tests required for entry into any branch of the military or law enforcement agency.

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