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When deciding to make a change in your health and fitness lifestyle, it can be pretty daunting getting started. There is so much information online to sort through and so many opposing theories floating around the fitness industry, it is surprising that anyone can successfully make a positive life change.
Having a specific goal in mind to get started can really help to narrow down the type of training and nutrition needs that will best help you to meet it. Once you decide on a goal, be it to lose fat, get more toned, or complete your first obstacle race, you still need to sift through all the options to figure out how to best prepare yourself to get there.

"Fitness, like other pursuits in life, deserves goal-specific training."

Unfortunately, most of us can not afford to hire a personal trainer every time we decide to undertake a new fitness challenge and many of the already made workout programs are not specific enough to the type of training we need to really maximize our results.  If you are looking to embark on a new fitness journey but don't know where to begin, we have just what you need to get started.


Total Workout Routines provides you access to various workout programs designed specifically to help you meet your unique and evolving fitness goals. Whether you are just starting out, getting back into fitness after a brief hiatus, or deciding to try your hand at a new fitness adventure, we have a workout program that will help you cross the finish line.


You will have at your fingertips a growing library of detailed, in-depth workout programs, eating plans to help maximize performance and overcome fitness and weight loss plateaus, and articles on the latest trends and theories of the industry to answer your most pressing fitness questions and help keep you on track towards reaching your goals.


Goal-Centered Training Plans Help You Smash Your Goals


Many online training plans offered are generic and targeted at a population only looking to do one thing; lose weight. The programs you will find at Total Workout Routines are built not just for helping you to reach success in your health and weight loss goals, but are also designed specifically for helping you meet new milestones along your fitness journey.


Most of us are looking for excitement, adventure, and the opportunity to check new accomplishments off our bucket lists as we make our way through life. Unfortunately, the majority of online fitness plans are not designed in the best way possible to help us get there.


Hiring a professional to design us a customized workout plan can get really pricey and take the fun right out of trying new things. The potential for injuries and high medical costs on the other hand, make the idea of undertaking a new physical challenge without proper training just plain out a bad idea.


Here you get the best of both worlds: training plans customized by a certified personal trainer aimed at helping you accomplish specific physical fitness goals all without breaking the bank.

"Our plans are built to equip you with the tools you need to cross the finish line you choose."


Our Workout Programs

When you sign up at Total Workout Routines you gain ongoing access to not only one fitness program,  but every program that we offer, and every new workout program that is added to the site will be sent directly to your inbox. This gives you so many choices for your workouts that you will never be bored in the gym again. We also offer a variety of programs that are tailored for even more specific goals like 5K and 10K races, mud runs, and other fitness competitions.
Our programs are based not only in the academics of health and fitness, but on expertise that can only be gained with real-life experience. Our trainers and your support team have experienced first hand the same struggles and challenges many of you are facing, and have crossed the same finish lines that you are aiming for. The workout programs on our site have been tried, tested and proven to get results. Our plans are also progressive; meaning that as you grow in your fitness and aspire to reach new goals, there will be a new workout program waiting to help you attain that next level.

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Some of our Plans:

  • Mud Run Training 5K and 10K Distances
  • Circuit Training Program
  • Home Workout Program
  • Muscle Building Workouts
  • And Many, Many More!


You receive all of the following with our workout programs:

  • Weekly workout schedule with day-by-day breakdown of exercises so you know exactly what to do each day
  • Demonstration photos and videos ensure you perform exercises correctly; reducing chance of injury and increasing your results
  • Suggested Cardio Workouts and Rest Days built right in so you don't have to think about it
  • Motivational messages and useful information to give you the push you need as you progress
  • Direct email communication with the program trainer to answer any concerns you may have about the program
  • Access to a Members only group where you can find support, encouragement, and answers to all your questions
  • Nutrition guidance for achieving optimal results in your training program
  • Meal preparation and planning tips to help you stay on target
  • Access to all the other workout programs in our database so that you can plan ahead for your future fitness goals
  • Mobile-responsive site allows you to have your workout right at your fingertips from any tablet or smartphone


I have been using the circuit training program and feel it is appropriately challenging for my fitness level. I especially like how descriptive each week and phase is and what you can expect in terms of work and results and progress. From what I have seen when browsing other programs, they are all structured in this way, which is very helpful in monitoring progression toward a fitness or weight loss goal. 

Shari Lau Shari Lau - Wisconsin


Many of our workout programs use only bodyweight exercises so they can be done virtually anywhere! You don’t have to be at home to complete your workouts; do them during your kids’ sporting events, at a local park between errands, or even at the office during your lunch break.




 I have been using the “home workout” routine for 3 weeks now and I love it! Each resistance session is less than 40 minutes and each cardio session is less than 30. Whenever I want to hit the snooze button and sleep in I think to myself, “I deserve 40 minutes to make myself better” and it gets me up and into my “gym” every time. With no equipment needed and minimal time required, there are no more excuses. The home workout was just the kick in the pants I needed too! My weight/measurements were stagnant for a few weeks (and I was already following a good food plan), after the first week I started noticing changes all over. After three weeks, I am down a few pounds but more importantly – inches! Thank you for creating an easy to follow, efficient, quick, butt-kicking and effective workout program.

Lisa L. Lisa L. - Washington


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If you have been talking about getting back in shape, losing a few extra pounds, or just living a more active lifestyle, then our programs are exactly what you have been looking for. You can get started today and be well on your way to achieving the weight loss results you have been dreaming of in only 6 weeks!
Or you can keep dreaming about looking better, feeling better, and talking about how much you wish you were in better shape only to do nothing and stay exactly where you are now. The choice is up to you. Choose your membership option below and get started today becoming a fitter, happier you!

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  • Exercises Demonstration Photos and Videos
  • Tracking Sheets
  • Unlimited Access to All Meal Plans
  • Private Group Access and Email Support
  • Print-friendly Versions

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