Home Workout

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Equipment NeededYoga Mat (optional)
Program Length6 weeks
Skill Level Beginner; Intermediate

This home workout program uses no equipment to reduce cost while still allowing for a great workout. This workout routine will introduce you to a variety of bodyweight exercises that will target multiple body parts so that you will get a great workout and develop the body that you want. 

Resistance exercise increases muscle size, strength, and energy. The more muscle you have, the more fat you burn to sustain that muscle. You will prevent injuries from weakness and look better than you ever imagined.

This program implements multiple types of exercises. There is a mix of cardio based exercises to burn fat and bodyweight resistance exercises that improve strength and muscular endurance. During this entire workout program, complete as many repetitions as possible during each set time. Record your reps after each exercise so you can monitor your progression throughout the weeks.

Home Workout Program

Phase 1 - Introduction
During Phase 1 you will be introduced to the bodyweight exercises that will make up the circuits you will be completing throughout the home workout program. Your circuits during this phase will consist of 30 seconds of max work, followed by 60 seconds of active rest (jog in place).
Phase 2 - 100% Intensity
Phase 2 will repeat the same exercises learned in Phase 1 but we will work at 100% intensity for 45 seconds on and active rest for only 45 seconds. Though this a repeat of Phase 1, you will now be more familiar with the correct form for movements and your stabilizing muscles will be prepared to help with the increased intensity.
Phase 3- Bringing It Home
During Phase 3 of the home workout you should be quite efficient at completing the bodyweight circuits so we will be increasing the intensity again to keep our bodies shocked and progressing. You will work at 100% intensity for a full minute, followed by a 30 second active rest period.


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