Fat Blasting Circuit Training Workout

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Equipment NeededExercise Ball, Dumbbells, Pull-up Bar or Full Gym
Program Length12 weeks
Skill Level Intermediate

The Fat Blasting Circuit Trainer is designed for the intermediate fitness enthusiast that is trying to lose body fat while defining and gaining muscle tone.

This twelve week circuit training program is designed to maximize fat loss through rotations of circuit training and muscle stamina phases.

During your circuit training weeks, you will be switching workouts every week in order to keep muscles shocked.

During the muscle stamina phases, you will work on lean muscle growth in order to maximize fat loss.

Fat Blasting Circuit Trainer

Phase 1: Burn fat and prepare muscles for future phases - Circuit Training and Cardio

During Phase 1, you will complete high-rep circuits to burn fat and prepare your muscles for future muscle-building phases.

Be sure to adhere to the guidelines set forth at the beginning of each week to maximize your results and avoid injury.

Make sure that following the completion of each exercise you allow your heart rate to return to 125 beats per minute before moving on to the next exercise.

Phase 2: Muscle Building: Stamina training - 2 day split routines

Phase 2 is made up of muscle-building workouts where you will decrease the reps per set, increasing the weight you use for exercises each week.

This phase will help you to pack on lean muscle that provides definition and helps you to burn even more fat.

Phase 3: Fat Burning Phase: Circuit Training and HIIT

In Phase 3 we are going to complete the same exercises in Phase 1 but add shoulders and HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) to the mix.

Refer back to the weights and reps you used in phase 1. Try to increase either the reps or weights as you did during Phase 2.

Phase 4: The Home Stretch: Build, Burn, Define!

Phase 4 will is the final phase. You should have lost plenty of fat and gained nice lean muscle.

This final phase will combine all aspects of the previous phases to further define and tone muscle while burning off those last few pounds of body fat.

Remember to look at your notes for weight training days: increase weight and reps and push yourself to you max.

During circuits and HIIT training days try to decrease your rest times and increase the intensity of your workouts.

Only three more weeks until you finish this TOTAL fat blasting workout. Keep up the great work!


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