Big Muscle Workout

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Equipment NeededFull Gym
Program Length12 weeks
Skill Level Advanced

Start Building Some Serious Muscle Today!


The Big Muscle Workout routine is not for the beginner lifter. If you already have a good understanding of proper form for heavy compound exercises such as chest press and squats, then you are on the right track. This program will take you to the next level, helping you build a strong, muscular figure.

The Big Muscle Workout bodybuilding program is designed to maximize muscle and strength gains while still promoting fat loss. It will start you with a strong foundation of muscle to take you to the next level and prepare you for more advanced workout routines. Each of the five phases will be no longer than three weeks and will include a variety of muscle building exercises designed to keep your body growing at its maximum potential.

Attention:This is an intense workout program. If you feel like it may be too much for you, you may want to consider trying one of our other programs first.

If you feel like you are not progressing in weights, you may be overtraining or using incorrect form. Stop and rest for a few days then continue again once your body has had a chance to recover.Then, modify the workout by doing one less exercise per muscle group or resting one additional day per week.

All Cardio throughout the Big Muscle Workout program is strictly optional. If you find you are not able to consume sufficient amounts of calories to gain size while completing the Cardio days, feel free to use them as additional rest days.


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