Beginner Weight Lifting Routine

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Equipment NeededDumbbells, Pull-up Bar
Program Length6 weeks
Skill Level Beginner

Burn and Build Beginner Lifting

Build a Solid Foundation in Just 6 Weeks!

The Beginner Weight Lifting Routine is designed for the beginner who is trying to lose weight and to gain muscle. If you lack the necessary knowledge about exercise and how to really lose weight, but you are filled with motivation to take control of your body, than this program is just what you need.

Designed to help you melt the fat by stoking your metabolism and reenergizing your muscles, this Beginner Weight Lifting Routine is broken down into two distinct phases. When combined with proper eating habits and determination, this program will help you get on track towards reaching your fitness and weight loss goals.

During the course of the Beginner Weight Lifting Routine, remember to eat right and drink plenty of water in order to maximize your results. Your body needs proper nutrition for fuel and health and you will only realize your overall fitness goals if you are committed not only to the workouts, but also to a diet that will reinforce your results rather than counteract them.

Each training day that features the use of machines or gym equipment will also provide supplementary exercises in case of unavailability, so that dumbbells or bodyweight can be used instead. This feature makes this a great beginner home workout program as well.

Burn and Build Beginner Lifting

Phase 1 - Preparation
Phase 1 of the Beginner Weight Lifting Routine is an introductory phase. This does not mean it will be easy; it is only to ensure that your muscles are ready for harder phases and you do not become overly sore. Your muscles need time to recover. If you push them too hard, they will not recover properly and you will sacrifice your gains
Phase 2 - Building
Phase 2 will repeat the same exercises learned in Phase 1 but we will work at 100% intensity for maximum results. Though this a repeat of phase one, you will now be more familiar with the correct form for movements and your stabilizing muscles will be prepared to help with the maximum load.


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