Mud Run Training

Mud Run Training


Mud Run Training is designed to prepare competitors for both the endurance and strength aspects that make up mud runs. Mud Runs come in a variety of distances and difficulties but all of them have one thing in common; distance running separated by brief moments of intense muscular work. That exact concept is implemented into our Mud Run Training programs.

Choose a program that aligns with your current skill level and race day goals

The most difficult part about mud runs for people is usually the running aspect, therefore that is the primary focus of each of our Mud Run Training programs. Choose your program based on the distance of the event you are planning to run and the level you are currently running at in order to maximize your results on race day and reduce your chance of injury.

Stick with the running schedule. It works! However, mud runs bring on some interesting new demands spread throughout each race, therefore we will create the same environment within our workout routines. During every easy run on your schedule, you will be adding a high repetition strength exercise at every ½ mile.

Incorporate strength training

By combining running with bouts of high-intensity strength building exercises, and integrating strength-training days between run days, the Mud Run Training programs are built specifically to help you maximize your performance in various mud runs and obstacle course races. The training in our programs is designed to improve your speed of obstacle completion and muscular endurance.

Rest is important in any endurance program. Each strength training day is designed to make sure those rest days are still productive. You will do no running on these days, instead we will focus on strength training workouts that will help with the muscular stamina and endurance needed to get over the wall, crawl through the mud, and hang on to the ropes.

Each workout routine is designed with timed intervals to keep your heart rate up and focus on muscular endurance. Make sure to pick a weight that pushes you to failure within the time frame allotted.

Fuel your body

Mud run training will be very intense and will push your body to its limits. Be sure that you drink plenty of water and eat the right foods. Don’t worry so much about cutting too many calories if you are trying to lose weight, the intense exercise you are doing will burn plenty of fat. Just remember to eat right. Avoid the sugars and focus on lean proteins. See the Nutrition Guide for more information. For more tips on Mud Run Training, check out the article below:

Mud Run Training Tips

Mud Run Training Tips


Mud Run Training Programs

mud running training

5K Mud Run Training

5K Mud Run Training

The 5K Mud Run Training program is designed for the novice runner who wishes to compete in a 5K mud or obstacle course race. This routine is great for training first time competitors, as well as helping return contestants to improve their completion times for a 5K mud run.







10K Mud Run Training

10K Mud Run Training

10K Mud Run Training

For those of you who want the fun time of an obstacle course race through the mud but our looking for something to test your endurance just a bit more, a 10K mud run may be just the thing. This training plan is built for the runner who can already kick out 4 miles effortlessly and wants to up their game by adding distance and strength training to the mix.










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