Healthy Diet Sample Plan

Healthy Diet Sample Plan

First, understand that diets fail. No one keeps to a strict diet for their entire lives. Most people don’t make it more than a couple of weeks. In a busy lifestyle, it is difficult to prepare meals at home, and eat more than a couple times a day. It is easier to just drive by a quick service restaurant than it is to cook a meal. This convenience in a fast paced society creates a recipe for disaster. Eating only one to two times a day and ingesting high fat, high sugar, and high calorie restaurant foods is a quick way to gain fat and feel drained of energy. This healthy diet sample plan is based off of a typical day in my diet and not meant to be a comprehensive prescription of what every reader should eat. Make sure you speak with your doctor or registered dietitian prior to making any extreme changes to your diet, especially if you have any health conditions.

Don't Diet; Make a Lifestyle Change

People often combat this weight gain with short intense diets and workout programs that are motivating but also extremely difficult. These diets can also involve expensive ingredients and a lot of time in the kitchen.

Eating right does not have to be that difficult. Realize that you will fail at some point. You will eat the unhealthy foods. You will occasionally drive through the local fast food joint. It’s okay. Just remember to add it to your calorie count for the day and try not to do it too often.

There are easy ways to make sure you get healthy quick meals throughout the day. It just requires a little preparation on your part. When first starting out it is easier to make little changes to your eating and lifestyle habits than it is to try and change your entire diet all once. Focus on changing your habits one meal or snack at a time and gradually increase those changes until your new way of eating has become a habit, and even better, a new way of life.

What I Eat

The following sample diet is similar to what I try to eat daily. I do not hold strictly to this diet. I have a busy life, two kids, and two jobs. I fail all of the time. But I understand that every meal I eat right is progress, while every poor decision is a step back. This is a lifelong race, not a sprint.


Don’t think that you are a failure after a weekend or even week of poor eating habits. Get back on track and keep pushing forward. See our nutrition guide for more information about weight loss.

The foods on this sample plan are not rare or expensive. They can be found at local supermarkets and can be extremely inexpensive. Understand that when you start eating right, healthy foods will not taste as good as fatty or high sugar foods.

However with time, your palate will change and those unhealthy foods will eventually taste too fatty and too sugary. You will enjoy eating healthy and create new ways to make your meals exciting and tasty.

Healthy Diet Sample Plan




2-4 egg whites mixed with 1 whole egg

1 cup cooked oatmeal

Mid Morning Snack:

6 oz Non-fat Greek Yogurt with honey and fresh berries



4-6 ounces of grilled boneless skinless chicken breast

½ to 1 cup of brown rice

1 cup of steamed vegetables

Mid Afternoon Snack:

Lowfat cottage cheese
Whole grain crackers

Post Workout Snack:


Protein shake


4-6 ounces of Salmon

1 roasted sweet potato

1 cup vegetables

Evening Snack:

Glass of fat free milk

Or a casein protein shake

This is a blueprint to how I eat. I mix and match foods similar to the above daily diet to get a steady flow of nutrients for fuel throughout the day. Since my body is consistently getting fuel, it does not need to hold onto fat for energy. It also provides the needed components for muscle recovery to increase my muscle size and strength.

Planning and Preparation

My meal preparation is easy. On Sunday, I cook a big batch of brown rice and grill my chicken for the week. If you don’t have a grill, foods can be cooked either in the oven or in a pan. Just don’t use butter. Stick with extra Virgin Olive Oil. I add dry rub and seasoning to my meats. Just find a few premixed seasonings in your local store that look tasty.

Though fresh vegetables are the most nutritious, I do enjoy the convenience of frozen vegetables. I generally buy a California blend of steamed frozen vegetables. They last longer so I don’t waste money with spoiled vegetables and there is less cleanup in the kitchen. However if you have the time and energy, fresh ingredients are the way to go.

On Monday I cook my dinner consisting of a similar meal to what was described above. I make extra for meals throughout the week. For lunches and dinners when I can’t be home, I use plastic Tupperware containers. I use a measuring cup and fill each container with one meal.

Example Container:

4-6 oz chopped chicken, fish or lean beef

¾ cup of brown rice

1 cup precooked steamed vegetables

I take at least two of these container meals with me to work, plus some snacks. I have a fridge and microwave at work which makes it more convenient to bring food with me. However, if you do not have these available, you can use an insulated food container with ice packs and focus on packing foods that do not need to be reheated, such as sandwiches and salads.


Snacks are relatively easy. Simply find foods that are low in sugars and contain your necessary proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.

Some of my snacks include:1-IMG_1719

  • Lowfat Cottage cheese with whole grain crackers
  • Peanut butter and low sugar jelly sandwich on whole grain bread
  • Apples or celery with peanut butter
  • Lowfat string cheese sticks and an apple
  • Turkey or ham sandwich on whole grain bread
  • Chicken with leafy greens
  • 6 oz Non-fat Greek Yogurt with honey and fresh berries

Eating Out

When I eat out, I try to find foods that still fit my lifestyle and try to avoid places that I know will have only unhealthy choices. I do sometimes frequent these places but only when I plan to go there and eat unhealthy. I plan for it throughout the day and adjust my calorie intake to allow for the cheat meal.

This sample plan is only meant as a guide based on my personal experience. I keep my recipes simple in order to cut cost and time. These meals are also easier to calculate for my daily calorie intake. If you want to create special healthy recipes, go ahead. If you have the money to buy a large variety of ingredients and time to spend in the kitchen, the joy in creating new healthy recipes is fun and rewarding. It is just not necessary in order for you to start eating healthy.

No matter what you chose just remember that this is a lifelong commitment. You will have ups and downs. You will go through seasons where you will be extremely motivated and committed, while other times will be so stressful that you will just quit. It’s OK. Every day you have another chance to try again. Every day you eat right is a day of progress. The days where you don’t eat healthy but still stay under your calorie count still count towards progress as long as they are intermittent. Don’t forget your weight loss goal and don’t beat yourself up too bad when your will breaks and you eat poorly. Call it a reward for all of you hard work and just keep pushing forward. You will succeed.

Need some ideas for healthy snacks, sides, and more? Check out these healthy recipes as they are added to the site.

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