How to Get A Bigger Chest and Arms

How to Get A Bigger Chest and Arms

It’s easy to get envious of the guys you see with a large and muscular upper body and you may find yourself asking “How can I look like that?”

get a bigger chest and arms
Well there are two basic truths that first need to be understood before we can get into the answer of how to get a bigger chest and arms.


  • First, know that achieving a bigger chest and arms will require a lot of hard work and dedication both in the gym and in the kitchen.

  • Second, understand that many of the guys you see with the figure you are after have been genetically gifted with a larger chest and arms. While you can achieve a more muscular frame than you currently possess, you will still only be able to get larger muscles for YOUR body type.

So, while you may never be as large as that hulking giant in the gym, you will be able to look damn good and be stronger than you have ever been if you commit to doing the work and follow the advice I am providing below.

Going back to the first point, it will take hard work both in lifting and nutrition to get a bigger chest and arms. I’m not going to get into all of the specific lifts that should be done in order to bulk up your muscles. I am simply going to focus on the aspects that will make or break you while completing a muscle building program and what to do to reach your full potential for muscular growth and attaining the body you desire.

(If you are looking for a detailed workout plan to follow to achieve your muscle building goals, we recommend our 12-Week Big Muscle program. Get a free week or become a member and gain instant access to the program.)

Now, for some tips on how to get a bigger chest and arms:

 1. Eat to grow. In order for your muscles to grow, you need to feed them. That means you need to be in      weight gain mode. It only makes sense that since you are trying to gain mass (muscle) you want to gain      weight.

     (On a side note, if you still have plenty of fat to lose, I recommend taking care of that first. That is the      quickest way to make your muscles look bigger and more defined. Check out our fat loss programs for      help with that.)

measure out portions

     In order to know how much food is enough to fuel the growth of your muscles without piling on      unwanted fat, you must know your daily caloric needs and eat to fulfill them without going overboard.

     You can use our Calorie Calculator to find out your daily caloric needs (how much to eat). Simply input      the required information and select your goal (Build Muscle) and the calculator will give you a good      estimate of the number of calories it needs in order to add muscle mass.

     Our calculator will calculate your daily maintenance needs and then will automatically add an additional      500 calories to that number which is what is recommended when aiming to gain muscle mass. In      addition to the 500 calorie surplus to fuel growth, you are going to need to also eat back the calories      that you burn during your workouts.

     For example:

       John’s daily calorie needs before working out is 2000 calories.

       John burns 300 calories during his workout

       John then needs to add the calories he burned in his workout plus 500 calories to fuel his muscles

       2000+300+500= 2800 calories

       John needs to eat 2800 calories to increase in size today.

     *** A great way to track calories is by using the website or app.

     By implementing the above concept, you should steadily increase both your body weight (about one lb      of muscle a week) and your strength.

track your weights
 2. Monitor and track your weights and reps for each workout. When trying to gain muscle mass, the only      way to know if you are eating enough and resting enough is if you track your progress. If you reach a      “plateau” and can’t increase your weight or reps, it generally indicates that you are either working too      hard (too many days or too many sets for a given muscle group) or you are not eating enough.

     If you feel overly fatigued during your workout, try taking an extra day of rest between muscle groups or      increase your rest times between sets. If a 500 calorie increase is not getting you the results it should      be, bump it up another 250-500 calories a day and see if that improves your workouts.

 3. Lift heavy. And by heavy I mean that you should not be able to complete more than 5 or 6 reps of an      exercise in each set. Grab a partner since you will be working hard and will require a spotter.

     Stick to a low rep range (4-6 reps) per set and focus on maintaining proper form for each rep over      quantity. If you can only get in 4 reps using proper form, that is better than attempting to crank out 6      sloppy reps and risking an injury.


proper form

 4. Larger muscle groups such as chest and back need only a handful of sets each workout.  Arms need even      less sets.

     Recommended number of sets:

       Chest - 6 sets

       Back - 8 sets

       Biceps - 3 sets

       Triceps - 5 sets

     Everyone is different but this is a great starting guideline to ensure progress. (Once again, if you are      looking for an exact workout plan designed to maximize lifts and rest schedules, check out our Big      Muscle Workout.)

 5. Lastly, be patient and consistent. This will not happen overnight but you will see progress consistently      if you stay disciplined and strictly monitor your nutrition and lifting schedule. Also, remember that      progress is usually more dramatic in the beginning and will taper off to smaller less immediately      noticeable changes as you get further along in your program.

     If you stop progressing and you are nowhere near your goal, revisit the first two tips. Those are generally      the reasons for a lack of progression and even minor discrepancies in your tracking each day can really      add up, especially as you get closer to your goal. No matter what don’t give up because the work you put      in now will get you the results you desire, even if they feel out of reach from time to time.

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