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Default CrossFit

Default CrossFit

Small but Mighty

I used to judge CrossFit. In fact, I used to be downright fearful of it. However, following my first couple of CrossFit experiences, I gained a new perspective and a new level of respect for the training style.

I also grew to understand that while there are many videos online depicting poor form and speed over technique as being the norm in CrossFit, that this is simply not the case for CrossFit as a whole.

Default CrossfitIn my most recent experience, I got the opportunity to visit Default Crossfit in Wildomar, California and interview the owner, Danielle Heider. After having spent time in three different CrossFit boxes for previous interviews I had a bit of an idea about what to expect walking into a CrossFit gym. However, there were some obvious differences between Default and the other boxes I had been too that I really, really liked.


My Experience at Default CrossFit

When I used to think about CrossFit I pictured a giant warehouse style gym with lots of people doing all kinds of different lifts, loud music, and enthusiastic groups loudly cheering each other on. My first few CF experiences were kind of like that and to be honest, walking into a place like that for the very first time can be pretty intimidating.

However, that was far from what I saw upon arriving at Default. Default is a much smaller location than the others I had visited as it is a new and growing location.  Starting from the humble beginnings of one woman training a few friends out of her garage, this box is more intimate, inviting, and very family-friendly. This box had much of the feel of a bootcamp style of setting, but with the added benefit of weight lifting and gymnastics training along with metabolic conditioning.

1-photo 1 (10)Danielle, the gym’s owner and head coach at Default is very professional and knowledgeable in her trade. She spends a lot of focus on proper warm ups and stretching and ensuring a full understanding of the movements prior to beginning any actual training. She teaches by way of modeling, supporting and working alongside her clients.

The very first class I got to experience at Default CrossFit was the CrossFit Kids class, a program Default runs during the summer. I brought my seven year old in to try out the class with one of his friends. The class was fun, focused on stretching and functional movements. It was a great way to let my very active son get out some energy and challenge himself in a new way.

Directly following the kids’ class was an adult class and there is a small, safe children’s area at the back of the gym where my kids were able to hang out, play, and work on homework while I got in my workout. The adult class that day was small, but the group had a great vibe and I immediately felt welcome.

1-IMG_4121Having a smaller class size was really nice as it made it a very personal training experience. I felt like Danielle was able to provide me with a lot of direct attention and instruction as I learned some new movements. That is really important to me when learning new lifts because I am not the most coordinated person but I understand how crucial using proper form is to ensuring that I stay injury free.

While in some of the other boxes I visited I felt an underlying sense of competition and needing to prove myself to fit in which was at times uncomfortable. At Default I felt much more at ease with just listening to the coach, learning the techniques, and getting in a good workout. I was worried less about how I looked compared to everyone else who was training.

That is one of the benefits to training in a smaller facility and is awesome for anyone interested in trying out CrossFit but is put off by many of the expectations and stigmas that have been associated with it in the mainstream media. In a good box, however, like in any quality gym you will find knowledgeable instructors who teach proper technique, and stress building a strong foundation from the basics before pushing yourself to a more competitive level of training.

1-IMG_4184CrossFit, unfortunately gets a lot of negative press and as a result many people are fearful of even trying it out. But if you find a good instructor and a box where you feel comfortable and supported, then CrossFit can be an excellent way to build strength, confidence, and overall physical fitness. If you have wanted to try out CrossFit, but are intimidated by the larger boxes, then do yourself a favor and go check out Default CrossFit today.


About Default Crossfit

Kimberly: Can you give a brief overview of when and how Default CrossFit began?

Danielle: Default CrossFit started small…real small. In May 2012, I had just gotten my Level 1 Certificate in CrossFit. I had also recently retired from six years of teaching Stroller Strides when Fit by Default’s (our original name before affiliating) two original members (and former Stroller Strides members), Valerie and Nicole, approached me about training them out of my garage. It was something that I had always dreamed of doing some day, so why not now, I thought? Fast forward a year, and Default CrossFit is starting to grow via word of mouth. We moved into a space in Wildomar in December 2013 and opened the doors shortly after remodeling and installing equipment.

K: What makes your gym unique?

1-1-DSC_0643D: That is a tough question.  Some people have preconceived ideas about CrossFit that the members are all in there 20’s and are amazingly fit.  The truth is we have member of all ages and ranges of fitness from beginner to athlete.

Each have their limitations whether it be their nutrition, or Olympic lifting, or just getting up and getting to the Box.  What makes us unique is we understand that not everyone Is perfect and everyone is going to need a program designed for them to help them reach their goals. And that’s what we do we help our members reach their goals.

K: What qualifications/experience are your trainers/coaches required to hold in order to train members at your gym?

D:  To be a CrossFit Coach or Trainer you must complete and pass the CrossFit Level 1 Certification program. You must also have that same certification to open a CrossFit affiliation, like Default CrossFit.

As for myself, besides my CrossFit Level 1 Certification, I also hold USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coaching Certificate, as well as and a Bachelor of Science in Health Science from California State University at Chico. And before I became a CrossFit coach, I was an Instructor for Stroller Strides here in the Temecula Valley for 6 years (a workout group for moms with little ones).


What Default Crossfit Offers

K: What programs and services do you offer?

D: Our workouts are short and high intensity, combining Olympic lifting, gymnastics, and metabolic conditioning: things like running, jump rope, rowing.

1-IMG_4129But first, we always start the day with warm up and some strength training. We do back squats, push presses, snatches…whatever the programming calls for. We also incorporate mobility to keep the joints moving smoothly and to prevent injury.

We also stress the importance of nutrition and help where we can. We host seminars and plan to continue with more variety in the future.

K: What is the most popular program or service you offer?

D:  The most popular and unique thing about CrossFit is that you are getting a personal trainer or coach if that term fits you better. That is invested in you!

K: What are your current pricing packages?

D: Currently I believe we are one of the least expensive Boxes around. We have three options and none require contracts, we don’t believe in making you stay at something you just don’t like or doesn’t suit you.

1) Unlimited – come as often as you would like, multiple times a day if you prefer, for $100.00

2) 3 Times a week – This option is $85.00

3) 2 Times a week – This option is $65.00

There is also a mandatory on-ramp program that we require facilities. It’s a 6 day program where you work with one of the coaches one on one, and learn the movements and exercises so that you don’t get hurt once you start to come to the daily WOD’s (Work out of the Day). This costs $75.00 and must be done prior to joining in on any classes.


Getting Started at Default Crossfit 

What is the process for a new prospect interested in becoming a member?

D: As I mentioned, there is a mandatory on-ramp program which serves two purposes: it lets us gauge you and where you are in your fitness state and it also lets you learn about CrossFit and if it is going to be a good fit for you.

K: How do you keep members informed of class schedules and changes, account information, special promotions, etc?

D: Social Media! We have a website, a Facebook page, and an Instagram account so you can see your progress and how much fun everyone has around the box. All of the accounts are updated daily and if something out of the ordinary happens, say a class is cancelled due to weather, we text everyone if the situation calls for it.



Contact Default Crossfit

Facebook | Instagram

Danielle Heider, Owner

34862 Monte Vista Drive, Suite 111,
Wildomar, California 92595

(951) 719-4521


Just Show Up: CrossFit Inland Valley

Just Show Up: CrossFit Inland Valley

What should I do to be successful in CrossFit? How can I get stronger? How can I lose weight? How can I change my life for the better? How can I belong?

Well, to start, the answer to all of these questions is quite simple: "Just Show Up."

Crossfit Inland Valley

This was the answer given to me by Justus Norgord of CrossFit Inland Valley when asked what tips or advice he had for someone interested in trying out CrossFit for the first time. He said "Just Show Up."

I realized what great advice that is for so many aspects in our lives. So often we have dreams about what we would like to do, things we want to try, things we want to change; but the difference between those things remaining dreams or becoming goals is whether or not we decide to just show up.

If we never make it past that first step, then none of the other hopes we have for what might be accomplished even matter.

In my time visiting various gyms, I have come to learn that the community that exists in CrossFit gyms is pure gold. There is a bond that exists between the members of a CrossFit box that is unlike anything I have seen elsewhere.



Not only do CrossFitters value the community they have cultivated, they also protect it. So it made sense to me when I first requested to speak with Justus that he seemed a little leery about my intentions.

One of the things I really liked about my visit to CrossFit Inland Valley was that right away I got the feeling that I wasn't just visiting Justus' gym, but that I was walking into his home, and the people inside; were his family. He told me that they don't let just anyone in.

Before you can sign a contract to join CFIV, they request that you participate in a FREE 1-Hour Intro where you will be ntroduced to all aspects of membership there and get to know a little more about the community.

The coaches at CFIV do this initial evaluation to ensure that the CrossFit Inland Valley community is right for you and your goals; and you for it.

If you end up becoming part of this tight-knit community, you will not be left to fend for yourself in achieving your fitness goals. You will be a part of a family that cares about your goals too and will hold you accountable to reaching them.


Justus told me that he sees CrossFit Inland Valley as less of a gym and more of a "school of elite fitness." The coaches at CFIV are teachers, and the members are their students.

They hold scheduled classes, work with students to improve, regularly monitor and assess form and progress, and encourage members along their journey.

The workouts are all fully scaleable to any fitness level and can be modified to fit your specific needs. The competitive nature of the sport is not to encourage you to be better than everyone else there, but rather to help you strive to become better, stronger, and more than you were yesterday.

CrossFit Inland Valley focuses on well-rounded fitness. The workouts are based around improving in all 10 of the following skills:


  • Accuracy
  • Agility
  • Balance
  • Speed
  • Coordination
  • Power
  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Endurance
  • Stamina


Success here is not about winning; it is about growing within yourself and achieving more than you ever thought possible.

It is about converting fears into goals, and goals into reality.


The way you get there is by showing up and having continued accountability. If you don't have people counting on you to be there, calling you when you don't show up, and cheering you on along the way, it is much easier to give up before ever you reach your goals.


At CrossFit Inland Valley you will not only have that accountability, but much more. Your safety and well-being are of utmost priority here. Staff members are knowledgeable, experienced, and skilled.

They must not only complete an initial rigorous training prior to becoming teachers, but must also participate in continuing education. They pride themselves on having coaches who are subject matter experts and coaches are promoted from within the community.

Along with your fitness membership at CrossFit Inland Valley, you also have access to  an in-house wellness center offering:

  • Chiropractic care
  • a holistic health practitioner
  • massage and deep tissue repair
  • nutrition guidance

They also hold regular nutrition talks and health seminars, and offer various health and fitness challenges.

All of these supporting services can further contribute to a successful, healthy, and fit lifestyle and many are included with your basic membership costs. (Membership costs vary and are based on your individual situation. Schedule your FREE 1-Hour Intro to learn more.)

In addition to the above offerings at CrossFit Inland Valley, you will also find a Youth Athletic Development Program and Kettlebells Training classes.


The community at CFIV is made up of a diverse population and is one of the reasons they take such care to provide individualized services. There is no one-size-fits-all plan and your success is just as important as any other member's.

This is a place where you belong to a community that will share your goals, failures, laughter, tears, and achievements. CrossFit Inland Valley is for you if you are looking for a place to connect with others while also improving your strength, physical ability, and overall health.

To schedule your FREE 1-Hour Intro contact CrossFit Inland Valley at (951) 600-9343 or click here for more info.

1-image (2)

Follow CFIV:

Facebook | Twitter 

Justus and Missy Norgord

CrossFit Inland Valley
24335 Prielipp Road Ste. 120
Wildomar, CA 92595







Hearty Crockpot Turkey Quinoa Chili

Hearty Crockpot Turkey Quinoa Chili

Here is a healthy, easy meal for the family that will be ready for dinner at the end of a long workday.

Leftovers are easy to freeze and simplify the task of food prep for a busy week. This crockpot turkey quinoa chili recipe is simple, hearty, and delicious.

1-photo 3-002

I love hearty chili with a bit of heat but I also wanted it to be full of veggie-goodness and lean protein. So I decided to throw together a pot that features both beans and lean ground turkey, with loads of colorful veggies, and some white quinoa for an extra nutritious boost.

The result was a heaping crockpot full of delicious turkey quinoa chili that had the whole family going back for seconds.

1-photo 1 (5)

A large crockpot ended up feeding my family two nights worth of dinner, plus lunch one day for my hubby. You can also freeze this crockpot turkey quinoa chili in containers to use as quick ready-made meals at a later date.

Possible Modifications: To make this a vegetarian dish you can simply omit the ground turkey and sub in some black beans instead. To make it Paleo-compliant leave out the beans and increase the meat.



1 ½ lbs. lean ground turkey1-photo 1 (4)

1 Tbsp. extra virgin olive oil

4 cloves of garlic

1 small onion chopped

2 - (15 oz) cans kidney beans

½ large zucchini chopped

2 bell peppers of choice (red, yellow, or green) chopped

2 stalks celery chopped

4 roasted green chilis diced or 1- (4 oz) can

1 - (28 oz) can of fire roasted diced tomatoes

1 - (8 oz) can tomato paste

½ cup white quinoa rinsed1-photo 5

3 Tbsp. chili powder

1 Tbsp. cumin

1 tsp. garlic powder

1 tsp. onion powder

1 tsp. cayenne pepper

3 cups water

Salt and pepper to taste

1 small jalapeno chopped (optional for extra spice)



Chop all vegetables into 1” cubes, set aside. In a large skillet over medium heat, sauté garlic and chopped onion in 1 Tbsp. olive oil until fragrant and slightly tender.

Add ground turkey to the same pan and cook until browned. Transfer turkey mixture to a crockpot. Add the remaining ingredients and just enough water to just cover the chili, about 2-3 cups. Stir well.

1-photo 3 (2)

Cover and set the crockpot to low (8-10 hours) stirring every few hours and adding more water as needed. Spoon the chili into bowls, and top with chopped onion, shredded cheese, sour cream, or avocado. Enjoy your Hearty Crockpot Turkey Quinoa Chili! 

1-photo 5 (1)

Let me know what you think! Leave comments below if you try this recipe letting me know how you liked it and any other modifications you recommend.

My First Crossfit Experience


My First Crossfit Experience:

Crossfit By Overload

I recently had my first Crossfit experience. I was a little embarrassed about how long it took me to check it out, but I have to admit that like many people I was at first leery of Crossfit. I had bought in to a lot of the negative press that has been floating around the internet space.

I also believed that with new Crossfit boxes springing up left and right faster than the nearby housing tracks, I was going to be getting a cookie-cutter gym experience. Boy was I wrong.


My Experience

My first Crossfit experience was at Crossfit By Overload (CFO).  I had first heard about this CF gym from a website designer I met at a nearby grocery store. I then learned that a friend of mine is a member there. So, when I started my research I asked her about her box, and she talked me into checking it out. And let me tell you I am so glad I did, this place is awesome!

I reached out to one of the owners, Wayne, and requested the opportunity to interview him about his gym, and also for a tour and trial of the gym’s offerings.

Wayne was incredibly friendly when I contacted him and was more than happy to sit down with me and tell me all about how he came to love Crossfit and how he came to own Crossfit By Overload, voted the best gym in Murrieta.

1-OPEN14.1triosametime1-600x449My first impression of this gym was that it was HUGE! But upon entering the workout area and observing the classes taking place, I immediately sensed the community atmosphere of this gym.

Despite the massive building and the number of members in classes running simultaneously, there was an obvious closeness, a bond among everyone who was there. It was friendly and welcoming and a place you walk into that feels like coming home.

I was given the opportunity to try out a free week at CFO, as are all interested persons who come to check out this gem of a facility. I tried my very first Crossfit WOD and it was HARD and so much fun.

I loved the energy, the challenge, and mostly the levels of encouragement and teamwork that existed though we were each working individually to achieve our very best times.


On the other days that I was able to make it in for a workout, I tried out the Agility class, which is Crossfit Gymnastics. I absolutely loved this class and came back to do it again a second time. I wish I had been able to continue coming back.

The coaches here really know their stuff. They made me feel welcomed, comfortable, and at all times safe. It was really important for me to feel like I could go at my own pace without feeling pressured to try something I wasn't ready for.

But I also hoped to receive enough one-on-one direction and feedback to feel as though I was learning the proper form for any new movements to which I was introduced. The coaches at CFO far surpassed my expectations and the classes were very organized and run very smoothly.

The quality of the facility and the equipment at CFO combined with the highly experienced coaches , the super-friendly members, as well as the variety and caliber of classes offered at CFO made my first Crossfit experience absolutely awesome.

I will never look at Crossfit in the same way again and I hope that in the future I will have the opportunity to return to Crossfit by Overload.


What You Get at CFO

This gym boasts 12,000 square feet of workout space, fully equipped with all the pull-up bars, climbing ropes, barbells, wall balls, weights and more that you would expect to find in a Crossfit box.

They also have a wide offering of classes and have an impressively experienced staff in charge of leading each of the classes. If you are in the Murrieta or Temecula area and are looking for a family of support and encouragement to work alongside you as you strive to reach your fitness goals, Crossfit By Overload is the place for you.

Here are a few of the other features they offer:


  • Crossfit Kids and Childcare included with an adult membership
  • 2 Locations, 1 price: Murrieta and French Valley
  • $99 unlimited membership‼! Voted Best Gym in Murrieta and still boasting the lowest price in town
  • Multiple Class Offerings Such As: CF Agility, Strength and Conditioning, Crossfit WOD classes, CF Endurance, Crossfit Teens, etc.

If you are interested in trying out Crossfit By Overload you can connect with them in the following ways:






41588-A Eastman Dr.

Murrieta, CA 92562


French Valley

36580 Penfield Ln.

Winchester, CA 92596






MFC’s Smilin’ Sam Alvey Weighs In on Fitness: MMA Fun for Everyone

MFC's Smilin' Sam Alvey Weighs In on Fitness:

MMA Fun for Everyone

Mixed Martial Arts is a challenging sport. It is mentally and physically draining, requires hard work, dedication and sacrifice. And the matches between fighters while often extremely technical and requiring hours of intense training, are brutal and not for the faint of heart.


However, as the acceptance of MMA as a sport continues to grow, we have been seeing more and more gyms pop up bearing MMA in their listed services and even full blown MMA training gyms appealing to the masses.

Though increasingly popular, Mixed Martial Arts continues to be an intense sport and you may be asking yourself what does MMA have to do with physical fitness for me?


I recently had the opportunity to interview Smilin’ Sam Alvey, Middleweight Champion of the MFC.

1-sam alveySmilin’ Sam currently holds a record of 21-4-2, with his next bout and first title defense scheduled for tomorrow night, May 9th in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada at the Shaw Convention Centre.

Sam hasn’t always been a fighter. Aside from doing a bit of wrestling in high school, he only started training in martial arts a little over 6 years ago.

After discovering he had some natural talent for fighting and with a few amateur fights behind him, he landed his first professional fighting contract with King of the Cage.

Now, with 27 fights already under his belt and 3 more scheduled in the next two months, Sam’s professional fighting career has been keeping him more than busy.

But when he isn’t battling it out in the cage or preparing for his next fight, Sam can be found at Dan Henderson’s Athletic Fitness Center, helping people from all walks improve their physical fitness.


Sam has been working as a personal trainer for just about 10 years, starting in his junior year of high school with a certificate from ACE. He began teaching MMA shortly after discovering his natural aptitude for it and currently teaches amateur and professional fighters as well as the general public.

He has since combined his knowledge and experiences from the two into the fitness training programs he teaches at DHAFC. Sam offers personal training, one-on-one training for fighters, group fitness classes, adult Pankration, and even a program for kids MMA.

He is a talented fighter, dedicated and hard-working, and his work ethic extends into his job as a trainer. He definitely lives up to his nickname, always wearing his famous smile, but when it is time to train he takes his job seriously and will motivate you to do the same.

1-photo (31)

Sam is a family man devoted to his wife, McKey and daughter, Reagan, and his love for teaching and working with children shines through while coaching the kids MMA classes. He is both firm and gentle and deeply cares for his students and their overall well-being.

This can be seen in the way he works to help not only the students in his kids classes succeed, but also in the time he dedicates to each of the members in his adult classes.

I asked Sam if the training he teaches in his fitness classes is similar to the training his fighters go through, to which he responded,

“It is hard to do anything intensely for 15 minutes and when you are fighting you are put in the most uncomfortable positions possible and still have to be able to perform. So while training to be a fighter does require peak physical fitness, it is also A LOT of mental training. The training I teach to people in the fitness classes is based on their personal goals and is a lot more functional and less strict than how I train the fighters.”

Along with the Kids MMA program, and the newly added Adult Pankration classes at DHAFC, Sam runs a class called Quest Ultimate Fitness.

One of the most popular classes offered there, Quest Ultimate Fitness is a group class that incorporates a mix of functional fitness movements, circuit training, and a bit of punching and kicking. These fast-paced, high-intensity classes utilize movements that promote muscle development, burn fat, and are scalable to all fitness levels.

1-quest ultimate

But most importantly, this type of training works.  According to Smilin’ Sam,

“Training in these types of classes is one of the best things because it keeps your mind occupied, and is easier than just running long distances. We work out in a group setting that is not super strict, but is effective, and people continue to come because it is more fun.”

As anyone who has ever started a new fitness routine knows; you will only get your desired results if you actually continue to do it.

Having a class environment that is different than what you are normally accustomed to, teaches you how to use your body in new ways, and provides a fun way to get together with friends and burn some calories is a sure way to achieve the results you want without feeling like you have to work as hard to get them.

You will likely find multiple gym locations near you offering classes such as kickboxing, introduction to boxing or MMA, and even Jiu-Jitsu wrestling.

These classes are usually open to everyone, done in a group setting, very physically challenging, and a whole lot of fun.  So, while MMA may not be for everyone, a group-based fitness class with a bit of MMA flair could be just the thing you need to kick your training up a notch.

Be sure to catch Smilin’ Sam Alvey as he defends his Middleweight Title against Wes Swofford at MFC 40 tomorrow night, airing live on AXS TV. You can follow Sam on Twitter: @SmilenSam.


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