Mud Run Training: 5K Beginner, Week 6

Mud Run Training: 5K Beginner, Week 6


The Mud Run Training: 5K Beginner program is designed for the novice runner who wishes to compete in a 5K mud or obstacle course race. This routine is great for training first time competitors, as well as helping return contestants to improve their completion times for a 5K mud run.

Upon beginning this program you should be able to run 1 mile without stopping to walk. If you can not complete 1 mile, then pace yourself accordingly, walking as needed as you complete each endurance training day. The program is broken into three phases that will allow you to progress from running one mile up to six miles, with breaks in your running to complete high-repetition strength building exercises.

Phase 3

By the end of the final phase of the Mud Run Training: 5K Beginner program you will find yourself able to run a full 4 miles without having to stop and walk. This will ensure that you can not only finish at your mud run, but do so in a competitive fashion. During these final weeks of training you should find that you have become quite efficient at completing a high number of reps of resistance exercises and that your heart rate and muscles can more easily recover. This will ensure that you have the ability and strength to stop running in order to overcome obstacles, then jump right back into running the stretches between them.

Welcome to Mud Run Training: 5K Beginner, Week 6!

Mud Run Training: 5K Beginner, Week 6!

Day 36: Cardio – (4 ½ miles)
  • Complete the following cycle 2 times:
    • Run 1 mile.
    • Stop running and immediately complete 20 burpees as quickly as possible.
    • Without stopping to rest, continue running for another ½ mile at a fast pace.
  • Run 1 mile.
  • Run ½ mile at a fast pace.
  • Run ½ mile cool down
  • Stretch your worked muscles for 5 minutes. Spend 10-30 seconds on each stretch.

Day 37: Rest
    Allowing time for your muscles to recover is just as important to making gains as your workout days are. Make sure you take it easy today and give your body time to rest. Stretch a little today to keep those muscles from stiffening up on you and to relief any soreness. Going for a light walk is also a great way to loosen up without overworking yourself.

Day 38: Circuit Training
    • Warm up 5-10 minutes, slow jog
    • Circuit 1: Complete 2 times.
    • Stretch your worked muscles, spending 10-30 seconds on each stretch.

*Demonstration video shows Spider-climbers. For Plank Spider-Climbers perform the exercise shown with your forearms resting flat on the ground as in a Plank. This exercise will help prepare you for low crawling.

Day 39: Cardio and Abs (2 miles)

*Demonstration photo shows reverse crunch with bent legs. Keep your legs straight for this exercise.

**Demonstration photo shows a regular sit-up. For Wide-Leg Sit-ups your legs should be straight out in front of you on the ground in a “V” rather than bent as in a normal sit-up.

Day 40 and Day 41: Rest
    Use these couple of days before your Mud Run to really allow your muscles to fully recover so that you are performing at 100% on Race Day. Eat well to fuel your body for the big day and make sure to get adequate sleep and you will have an awesome day at your Mud Run.

Day 42: Mud Run!

Congratulations on completing your training and Good Luck at your race!

    You have shown perseverance and determination in completing this difficult program and eating a proper diet. Now you are fully fueled and prepared to compete in your first 5K Mud Run. Have fun and check back in with us to tell us how it went!

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