About Total Workout Routines

About Total Workout Routines

Husband and Wife Fitness Fanatics who decided to kick their hobby up a notch.

We are Lance and Kimberly Ferrari, two 30-somethings and parents of two very busy, very awesome kiddos, (Fitboy and Fitgirl.) In the craziness of life we decided to try to find a way to take our love for fun, food, and fitness and turn it into something more. From those passions Total Workout Routines was born; a website dedicated to becoming your one stop shop for fitness related articles, nutrition advice, and of course, Total Workout Routines for every fitness need.


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Lance is the creator of each of our workout and running programs at Total Workout Routines. He is a certified personal trainer, Resistance Training Specialist, and Sports Nutrition Specialist with the NFPT. He has been an avid fitness enthusiast for many years.

Lance has made it a personal mission to maintain an active level of fitness in his own life, always training for a run or event of some type. He has participated and placed in numerous endurance and obstacle type races. A combat veteran and former Close Combat Martial Arts Instructor for the Marine Corps, Lance brings a varied background of training to his arsenal.

Over the past five years he has trained Law Enforcement personnel, Police Explorers, Cadets, and both police and military applicants in fitness preparation for the demanding career paths. Though Lance has a competitive spirit and constantly thrives to better himself in fitness, he also has a heart for mentoring and is always willing to take time out of his busy life to help others reach their health and fitness goals.

Naturally a motivator, Lance is a patient teacher, but also able to dish out some tough love to kick your butt into gear when needed. Through education and experience, he brings a wealth of knowledge about training and proper nutrition needed to reach an overall healthy lifestyle for his clients.


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Kimberly is the Lead Writer and is also in charge of Web Development for the site. She is an ardent researcher and loves educating herself and writing about various topics of interest. You can find her personal blog at Fit Intent.

After the arrivals of Fitboy and Fitgirl, Kimberly became "Not-So-Fit Mommy." Unhappy with her post-baby body and ever-lacking energy and motivation, she decided to make a change.

She devoted herself to living a more active lifestyle and practicing healthier eating habits. In the past 2 years since beginning her post-baby fitness journey, she has run alongside her husband in endurance and obstacle races and has continued to maintain an active presence in the local gym.

She lost over 40 pounds since first setting out to get back in shape, through both running and strength training programs here on Total-Workout-Routines.com. After completing the Circuit Training program the first time, she transformed her body from 27% body fat down to a lean 15%. She continued to improve her levels of fitness and even placed as a Bikini competitor with the NPC.

Hitting these awesome fitness and fat loss milestones has inspired and motivated Kimberly to not only push herself to reach new goals in fitness, but to also help others in reaching their goals of living happier, healthier lifestyles.

Follow us on our journey as we accomplish new fitness feats and learn more about the best ways for creating a lifestyle that will help us to get and stay healthy, happy, and fit!

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