5 Steps to Lose Weight in Less Time and Keep it Off


5 Steps to Lose Weight in Less Time and Keep it Off


Are You Tired of Trying Miracle Diets and Working Out for Hours at a Time All With Little Pay Off and Lost Pounds that Somehow Seem to Keep Coming Back?

If you have been trying again and again to lose the extra pounds that crept on while you were busy with the demands of life only to experience little success and much frustration, you are not alone and it’s not your fault.

We have been taught to believe that in order to gain the body that we want we have to make extreme changes to our diets and spend hours in the gym working out in order to see results.

1-16470175_mlWe see celebrities in magazines promoting extreme diets and exercise regimens that take a ton of time. They pay top dollar for high-priced trainers and sacrifice a lot in order to obtain their Hollywood physiques.

Social media is filled with young fitness models Instagramming photos of their salads and supplements, and selfies of yet another day spent at the gym.

Many diets require you to make extreme changes to your normal routine that are often strange, time-consuming, and leave you feeling deprived and unsatisfied.

Popular weight loss programs require hours of grueling workouts that leave you drenched in sweat and too sore to climb a flight of stairs at work the next day.

While many of these protocols will work to give you transformative results if you stick with them, they are simply too demanding of your time, and require too much energy to be sustainable.

Even if you are able to stick with them long enough to obtain weight loss results, as soon as you stop and return to your normal eating habits and less active lifestyle all the weight comes right back. It’s a vicious cycle and no wonder so many people give up on their dreams of getting back into shape in their late 20’s and 30’s.

Life is busy and as an adult with responsibilities such as a career, spouse, and kids, it gets even crazier. At times it feels impossible to accomplish everything that needs to be done each day and still find the time to sleep, let alone exercise.

I am here to tell you it doesn’t have to be this hard and there is another way to meet your day-to-day responsibilities and still have the body you deserve.

So how can you lose pounds that stay gone and achieve the body of your dreams without sacrificing the foods you love or spending all your free time working out?

Here are:

5 Steps You Can Take to Lose Weight In Less Time and Keep it Off


1. Create a plan, prepare, and stick to it.1-20236924_ml

As adults, most of us have learned that in order to succeed at almost anything in life, we need to have a plan and we must prepare for all the things that could get in the way of us reaching our goals.

The same is true for weight loss. You need to set a goal, have a plan on how to reach it, prepare for implementation, and finally execute your plan.

Without a plan you will likely spend more of your time at the gym trying to figure out what to do and less time actually doing it.

Without a plan you will intend to eat healthy meals, but once you find yourself hungry and no healthy options prepared, will end up at a fast food drive through.

Having a plan for weight loss is like having a map and directions to get to your desired destination. Without it you end up just driving around in circles and never getting where you are trying to go.


2. Simplify Your Diet.

You ever heard the saying “too much, too soon”? This is especially applicable to people when dieting. When we first start out trying to lose weight we tend to get all gung-ho and cut out everything all at once.

But the reality is you can only survive on lemon juice and lettuce for so long before your body’s nutritional needs catch up to you. By depriving yourself completely, you are setting yourself up for a vicious cycle of cravings that will eventually overwhelm your will power and can lead to binge-eating that completely sabotages your efforts.


Simplify the foods you eat by cutting out processed foods and eliminating high-calorie condiments. Instead focus on the flavors of fresh foods and meats by seasoning with sea salt and pepper, fresh herbs and spices, or low-calorie dry rubs. Opt for grilling and roasting foods which brings out more of their natural flavors.

Instead of extreme dieting, work on simplifying your diet, making only minor changes a little at a time. You won’t see big results on the scale as quickly, but the changes you make to your eating habits will be ones you can live with and ones that over time make a big difference.

3. Maximize Your Workouts.

When you are very busy and only have 20-30 minutes a day to devote to exercise if you are lucky, you really need to maximize the time you spend working out. You don’t have the luxury of spending an hour a week on each body part so you need to focus on workouts that allow you to work the most muscles at once in the most effective way.

Circuit Training workouts and HIIT sessions will give you the greatest results in the shortest times. Workouts that utilize compound exercises and supersetting are also great for targeting more muscle groups in less time.



Having a workout plan is especially helpful to saving time as knowing exactly what to do allows you to jump right into your workout and not waste precious time.

Writing down the exercises, the number of reps and how much weight you use will help you plan out your next workout and track your results.

Work out at a high intensity and use heavy weights. Doing a ton of reps with light weights will have some cardio benefits, but if you are looking for physical changes that you can see, resistance training that challenges your muscles will give you greater results.

4. Get Enough Rest, and More Sleep.

Working out for too long, not resting enough between sets, or working the same muscles day after day, are all ways to sabotage your efforts. If you are constantly breaking down muscle with your workouts and not giving your body adequate time to recover and rebuild, then you will not see the results you desire.

Rest days are just as important to building the body you want as workout days. You should not work the same muscle group two days in a row so either rotate which muscle group you target each day, or if you are doing full-body workouts such as circuits, be sure to take rest days between workout days. It is okay to perform light cardio on your rest days, but don’t exert too much energy.

Getting enough sleep is critical to your recovery as this is when your body repairs itself. Also, sleeping revitalizes you and provides you the energy you need to workout at the greatest intensity. If you are sleepy, you will lack energy and focus and your performance in all areas of your life will suffer.

If you even find the strength to get in your workouts, they will be less than optimal. It is better to get enough rest and have a great short workout, then to skip out on sleep and give a partial effort for a longer workout.

5. Rinse and Repeat. Consistency is Key.

Implementing a new diet and exercise regimen is fun and exciting. It is easy to stay motivated when you are first starting out and seeing results. But the key to realizing long-term success in your weight loss goals is not all-out intensity for a few short weeks, but rather a steady consistency and creating new healthier habits for the long haul.

This is why it is so crucial to find a balance between your diet and exercise and your everyday life. You have to make changes that you can sustain and not make sacrifices that you aren’t willing to live with.


Finding ways to stay motivated is also important to experiencing success long-term so we recommended setting new short term goals for yourself that you can continue working for.

With each “win” you will be motivated to set and accomplish another goal and another. The closer you get to your goal, the easier it will become and eventually you won’t have to practice being consistent because exercising and eating better will have become a part of your normal lifestyle and daily habits.

Once you reach your goals and obtain the body you always dreamed of you will find that maintaining your newfound shape is much less difficult than the journey getting there was.

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