5 Common Mistakes That Sabotage Your Weight Loss Efforts

5 Common Mistakes That Sabotage Your Weight Loss Efforts


1-1-1-10109062_xlLosing weight is something that challenges many of us. In life, it is pretty easy to find ourselves gaining weight, especially when our schedules keep us so busy with work and play that we have a hard time fitting in healthy eating and exercise.

When we finally stop to see the results of our choices, we realize the need to make a change to improve our health and trim down our waist lines.

But if the process of gaining weight is so easy, why is it so difficult to put that process in reverse?

Losing weight should be simply a numbers game, but in reality, there are other factors that contribute to the speed and efficiency of how those numbers work for or against our efforts.

Here are 5 common mistakes that sabotage your weight loss efforts that you should avoid making:


  1.  Not Sleeping Enough. This is a big mistake. Being tired not only causes you to feel cranky and run down but it also reduces your energy levels and your workouts - if you can even manage to attempt them - will not be nearly as intense as if you are well rested.
    If you are working out at a lower level of intensity or for a shorter time period, than you will not be generating the same level of calorie-burn as you would at a higher intensity or performing for a greater length of time.
    If you are not burning as many calories in your workouts, that you have to further restrict your calorie intake in order to achieve the deficit you need for weight loss.
    This can leave you feeling even more drained and without the energy or drive to stick with your plan you will likely fall off long before reaching your weight loss goals.

  3. Working Out Too Much. I get it, working out is fun. You begin to feel energized by getting in a good workout and breaking a sweat. You will begin to crave the way a good workout makes you feel and it gets even better once you can see the results of your labor.
    5527987_mlBut the goal of a quality weight loss program is not simply to watch the number on the scale go down, but to make sure that the decrease you are seeing is from fat loss and not muscle breakdown.

    After all, muscle burns fat faster so if slimming down is your goal then you want to keep all the muscle you’ve got, and maybe even gain a little.

    In order to accomplish this you need a program that incorporates a balance between cardio and resistance training with the proper rest periods woven in.

    If you are working the same muscles under a high load on consecutive days then you are not giving those muscles adequate time to rest and recover. That means they do not have the opportunity to heal, and thus, grow.

    Make sure that your program allows adequate rest times between workouts so that you can experience the maximum benefits of all your hard work.

    For a good example of a workout schedule that allows adequate rest time between workouts check out this free week of workouts.


  5. Not Eating Enough. Though this may seem counter-intuitive when trying to lose weight, the reality is, if you are not eating enough food to fuel your day-to-day activities as well as your workouts then your weight loss will likely come to a halt.
    While it does take some time for your body to actually go into “starvation mode” and begin storing anything you eat as fat, the truth is that not properly fueling your body is a great way to slow down and otherwise damage your metabolism. This will make growing muscle and losing fat a much more difficult task.

    Creating a new metabolic environment is a much better way to lose body fat and sculpt the new figure you are looking for. You can do this by eating more and working out at a higher intensity, mixing up your workouts, or even cycling your meals differently.

    Whatever you choose to do to create this new environment, however, make sure that your total caloric intake is falling within the optimal range for fat burning without dropping so far that you are losing muscle (up to 500 calorie deficit a day.) The best and healthiest way to lose weight and change the way you look and feel is to make sure you are providing your body with the proper nutrition it needs. Find out your optimal calorie range


  7. Not Eating Enough of the Right Foods. While getting the right amount of calories for your needs is a very important factor in weight loss, what you eat to fulfill those needs is as important if not more so.
    Nutrition is not just about providing our body with calories to fuel energy expenditure, but also to provide it with the nutrients it needs to function optimally. All foods are not created equal, where your calories come from will have a massive effect on how you feel, how you perform, and how well you recover from your workouts as well.
    Take a look at the following example: An order of french fries contains roughly the same amount of calories as this chicken meal, however, the latter provides much more nutrients that your body needs.

    Sugar Detox Challenge6

    If you don't get enough of one nutrient in your diet than you may begin to suffer side effects from nutrient deficiency. You should be striving to get your daily calories from nutrient dense sources and aim for a specific balance of micronutrients that will assist in reaching your weight loss goals.
    For more detailed information about what you should be eating check out this podcast on Nutrition for Weight Loss.


  9. Not Sticking With It.When trying to lose weight many of us fail to stick with a program long enough to achieve lasting results. Developing new habits takes time, often much longer than we would like. But, once your new behaviors begin to feel like second-nature, maintaining the positive effects that those behaviors cause is much easier.
    Returning to old behaviors and bad habits will eventually lead you back to where you started and will cause frustration and likely make you want to give up. Focus on being consistent with your actions and practicing the new habits of your program regularly, even after beginning to see results. This will help you developing lasting habits which in turn will give you lasting results.

Fitness and weight loss can be a bit confusing with all the contradicting information that is floating around the web. It is important that whatever your fitness goals, you are making your health and well-being a priority.

I have found that the best plans for achieving weight loss that not only is realistic for day-to-day life but also sustainable in the long term, are those that help you find a balance between diet and exercise that can fit into your lifestyle. These programs will have you implement small changes slowly in order for you to make lasting positive habits that you can live with.


For many people the most difficult part of losing weight is learning how to plan their meals accordingly eating enough throughout their day to sustain their activity without eating too much.
We have created  a week-long meal plan that provides a great template you can follow to get started in your own meal planning. Each of the meals in the plan are around 300 calories, and the snacks range from 150-200.

(Note: The included plan is appropriate for someone who needs to net 1200-1500 calories a day in order to lose weight. If you require higher net calories adjust your portion sizes or eat more snacks to increase the daily calories. To find your daily calorie needs for your goals go here.)

To gain access to a free week of training and the fat loss meal plan, click the button below.

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