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Just Show Up: CrossFit Inland Valley

Just Show Up: CrossFit Inland Valley

What should I do to be successful in CrossFit? How can I get stronger? How can I lose weight? How can I change my life for the better? How can I belong?

Well, to start, the answer to all of these questions is quite simple: "Just Show Up."

Crossfit Inland Valley

This was the answer given to me by Justus Norgord of CrossFit Inland Valley when asked what tips or advice he had for someone interested in trying out CrossFit for the first time. He said "Just Show Up."

I realized what great advice that is for so many aspects in our lives. So often we have dreams about what we would like to do, things we want to try, things we want to change; but the difference between those things remaining dreams or becoming goals is whether or not we decide to just show up.

If we never make it past that first step, then none of the other hopes we have for what might be accomplished even matter.

In my time visiting various gyms, I have come to learn that the community that exists in CrossFit gyms is pure gold. There is a bond that exists between the members of a CrossFit box that is unlike anything I have seen elsewhere.



Not only do CrossFitters value the community they have cultivated, they also protect it. So it made sense to me when I first requested to speak with Justus that he seemed a little leery about my intentions.

One of the things I really liked about my visit to CrossFit Inland Valley was that right away I got the feeling that I wasn't just visiting Justus' gym, but that I was walking into his home, and the people inside; were his family. He told me that they don't let just anyone in.

Before you can sign a contract to join CFIV, they request that you participate in a FREE 1-Hour Intro where you will be ntroduced to all aspects of membership there and get to know a little more about the community.

The coaches at CFIV do this initial evaluation to ensure that the CrossFit Inland Valley community is right for you and your goals; and you for it.

If you end up becoming part of this tight-knit community, you will not be left to fend for yourself in achieving your fitness goals. You will be a part of a family that cares about your goals too and will hold you accountable to reaching them.


Justus told me that he sees CrossFit Inland Valley as less of a gym and more of a "school of elite fitness." The coaches at CFIV are teachers, and the members are their students.

They hold scheduled classes, work with students to improve, regularly monitor and assess form and progress, and encourage members along their journey.

The workouts are all fully scaleable to any fitness level and can be modified to fit your specific needs. The competitive nature of the sport is not to encourage you to be better than everyone else there, but rather to help you strive to become better, stronger, and more than you were yesterday.

CrossFit Inland Valley focuses on well-rounded fitness. The workouts are based around improving in all 10 of the following skills:


  • Accuracy
  • Agility
  • Balance
  • Speed
  • Coordination
  • Power
  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Endurance
  • Stamina


Success here is not about winning; it is about growing within yourself and achieving more than you ever thought possible.

It is about converting fears into goals, and goals into reality.


The way you get there is by showing up and having continued accountability. If you don't have people counting on you to be there, calling you when you don't show up, and cheering you on along the way, it is much easier to give up before ever you reach your goals.


At CrossFit Inland Valley you will not only have that accountability, but much more. Your safety and well-being are of utmost priority here. Staff members are knowledgeable, experienced, and skilled.

They must not only complete an initial rigorous training prior to becoming teachers, but must also participate in continuing education. They pride themselves on having coaches who are subject matter experts and coaches are promoted from within the community.

Along with your fitness membership at CrossFit Inland Valley, you also have access to  an in-house wellness center offering:

  • Chiropractic care
  • a holistic health practitioner
  • massage and deep tissue repair
  • nutrition guidance

They also hold regular nutrition talks and health seminars, and offer various health and fitness challenges.

All of these supporting services can further contribute to a successful, healthy, and fit lifestyle and many are included with your basic membership costs. (Membership costs vary and are based on your individual situation. Schedule your FREE 1-Hour Intro to learn more.)

In addition to the above offerings at CrossFit Inland Valley, you will also find a Youth Athletic Development Program and Kettlebells Training classes.


The community at CFIV is made up of a diverse population and is one of the reasons they take such care to provide individualized services. There is no one-size-fits-all plan and your success is just as important as any other member's.

This is a place where you belong to a community that will share your goals, failures, laughter, tears, and achievements. CrossFit Inland Valley is for you if you are looking for a place to connect with others while also improving your strength, physical ability, and overall health.

To schedule your FREE 1-Hour Intro contact CrossFit Inland Valley at (951) 600-9343 or click here for more info.

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