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3 Steps For Getting Great Abs

3 Steps For Getting Great Absgetting great abs


We all get jealous at times of the guy or gal walking down the beach with that tight and tone tummy. We blame it on genetics or claim that they never eat. The truth is, we all want a healthy, tone, and sexy look and getting great abs would be a welcome bonus. That’s why we are reading these articles.

Well we can!

But first there are a few things that you need to understand:

  • This isn’t easy, but it’s worth it
  • You need to be smart and safe
  • And lastly, when it gets tough, don’t quit. Be patient and do it the right way this time.

I guarantee that the below steps are used for getting great abs by most, if not all, fitness professionals in the industry. It’s not a trendy infomercial, or new gadget. The answers are simple, and have been around for years. Don’t get suckered into the next infomercial weight loss pill or abs blasting machine. Do it right this time.


Use the following steps for getting great abs:

1. Cut the fat! We all have eight pack abs. Without them, we couldn’t sit up right or get out of a chair. The biggest issue for us is that there is too much fat covering our abdominal muscles. Let’s get this straight, abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym.

So if we make abs in the kitchen, what the heck is the recipe?

  • Well first you need to ensure that you are creating a deficit of 500 to your daily maintenance calories. See our ARTICLE on this here.
  • Next, you need to set your goal. A lean female (one with a tight tummy) is generally under 18% body fat. Males need to get under 12-13% body fat.
  • Once you know what weight you need to get to, be consistent, and in a few short months, you can be looking ripped!

Note: By using the techniques in the linked article above, you should already know your body fat percentage. If not, get yourself some AccuMeasure Body Fat Calipers and find out your current body fat percent. (affiliate link)


2. Do Squats! Yes, I said it, Squats! The squat is the king of exercises because it activates so many muscle groups. Since it implements so many muscles, it burns a huge amount of fat during recovery (See step 1 on why that’s important.)

Squats also require a large amount of stability for balance which activates all of your core muscles. Those of you battling a weak or protruding lower belly, this exercise can help.

Squats will force you to tighten and strengthen all the muscles surrounding your stomach, lower back, and hips which is key to getting great abs. These are all the areas which will help you to have a tight and tone core.


3. Don’t Overwork Your Abs. Your abdominal muscles are like any other muscle. They require time to rest. You cannot tackle your abs everyday and expect them to tighten and grow.

Both the reps and intensity of your abs workouts, will determine how many days you are able to effectively work your abdominal muscles.

If you are doing extremely light weight high-rep exercises ( over 20 reps per set) such as bicycle crunches, planks, Romanian twists, or sit ups you can work your abs and other core muscles every other day (3-4 times a week.) These types of exercises, when done properly will help tighten and tone your abs.


If you complete heavier exercises such as weighted incline sit ups, heavy axe chops, or a crunch machine (fewer than 15 reps), plan on giving your muscles a few days of rest and only work them twice a week.

Focus on completing 3-4 sets of abdominal exercises per session on either the above schedules. You don’t need to do any more since these muscles are often activated during other exercises.

So long as you are increasing weight or reps on any of your exercises, you are improving. When you find yourself not being able to increase your strength, you are either not resting enough or not eating enough between workouts. Look at your nutrition and workout plan to see where you are overworked or under-rested.


Bonus Tip:

4. Most importantly, be patient! This is a lifelong journey and developing the above habits is not easy. However if you commit to them and make each one second nature, you will blast fat and tone muscle the smart and effective way.

Eat. Sleep. Live. Fit!


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