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If You Have a Fitness Goal...We Have a Plan to Help You CRUSH It

Whether it is your desire to run a race, compete on stage, or you simply want to drop a few pounds, our comprehensive workout routines provide you with the exact tools you need to crush your goals.





Goal-Specific Training Plans


Our 6-12 Week Workout Routines are effective plans that prepare you to run a mile or a marathon, build massive muscle, or fit back into your skinny jeans.


From start to finish these programs follow a calculated schedule specifically designed to not only ensure you cross the finish line, but to make sure you absolutely crush it.





Daily Workout Schedules

Our detailed breakdowns take the guesswork out of your workouts. Day-by-day instruction shows you exactly what you need to do so you don't have to think about it.


Our workouts are built with weekly progressions to ensure that you can track growth, but change often enough so you never hit the dreaded "plateau."

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Train Like an Athlete and Cross the Finish Line a Champion


Athletes understand the importance of training hard in the weeks and months leading up to an event. They set goals and spend hours training their bodies and honing their skills in order to succeed. They know that a failure to properly plan and prepare themselves will likely result in a failure to achieve their goals.


In the same regard, if you want to succeed in reaching your fitness goals, then whether or not you consider yourself to be an "athlete," you owe it to yourself to train like one; and that means following a plan.


I have heard it said that having a goal without a plan is simply dreaming. If you wish to make your dreams a reality then you must not only aim to reach them, but take the actual steps needed to get there. Knowing the steps you need to take is what makes an effective plan.





Setting goals is paramount to achieving success in any aspect of life, but having a plan to follow will make you at least twice as likely to actually reach them.


Goal Setting

Once you know where you want to end up, we can show you how to cross your finish line. Having a strong goal is necessary to keep you on track with your plan. Setting smaller goals along the way will also help you to stay focused and keep your eye on the ultimate goal.

Starting Line Guidance

Not sure where to begin but ready for a change?  If you want to achieve success in your fitness goals and finally get the body and health you have always wanted, you need a plan that will work. We can help you choose a fitness plan that's right for you and show you where to get started.


What Our Clients are Saying:

I have been using the circuit training program and feel it is appropriately challenging for my fitness level. I especially like how descriptive each week and phase is and what you can expect in terms of work and results and progress. From what I have seen when browsing other programs, they are all structured in this way, which is very helpful in monitoring progression toward a fitness or weight loss goal. 

Shari Lau Shari Lau - Wisconsin


Overall, the experience with the website I found extremely useful.  I did the rugged maniac 5K run on Sept. 30.  I used the 5k mud run exercise program.  I was more than ready for this grueling 27 obstacle course and 3.1 miles.

Jodys Jodys


 I have been using the “home workout” routine for 3 weeks now and I love it! Each resistance session is less than 40 minutes and each cardio session is less than 30. Whenever I want to hit the snooze button and sleep in I think to myself, “I deserve 40 minutes to make myself better” and it gets me up and into my “gym” every time. With no equipment needed and minimal time required, there are no more excuses. The home workout was just the kick in the pants I needed too! My weight/measurements were stagnant for a few weeks (and I was already following a good food plan), after the first week I started noticing changes all over. After three weeks, I am down a few pounds but more importantly – inches! Thank you for creating an easy to follow, efficient, quick, butt-kicking and effective workout program.

Lisa L. Lisa L. - Washington



My wife, son, her best friend, and I all did the 6 wk training and easily finished our first mud run in Conyers, GA on Aug 17th. The training plan was very challenging, but doable for most people. We were totally prepared for the race and quite honestly were ready to make a second lap since it was only a 5K due to the AWESOME training program on this site. We are already increasing our mileage past the program and preparing for our 2nd mud run in Lagrange, GA in Oct and this one will be a 10K. The only changes we will make with the upcoming mud run is buy shoes made for these races (better traction than old sneakers) and have protection like athletic sleeves for our elbows and knees (crawling through the mud can still cut and take skin off). Thank for a great training program!!!

Monte Monte - Georgia


Our Total plans provide you exactly what you need to finally make a lifestyle change that sticks. With tools to move you along from Goal Setting all the way to Crossing the Finish Line and beyond, your path to obtaining the physique you deserve is clear and easy to follow.


Don't let confusing advice and complicated exercise theories stand in the way of having the body you want any longer. Get started with one of our proven programs today and start living the life you want now.


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Nutrition Support and Meal Plans to Accelerate Your Results1-2013-04-07 0011

The nutrition guidance we provide and option to include meal plans with your training is what makes Total Workout Routines the whole package when it comes to smashing your fitness goals.


Having a quality training plan, measurable goals, and the support and motivation to stick with your plan are all integral parts of achieving success in your fitness journey.


However, you also must properly fuel your body to optimize the results you see from the hard work you put in training.


1-calorie calculatorOur dietary advice is simple and based on the fundamental basics of proper nutrition. We cut through all the misleading information and complicated diets and just present you with a nutrition plan that is realistic for your lifestyle.


Introducing new foods and recipes into your diet, learning how to prepare your meals in advance, and planning for the week ahead are some of the habits we help become the norm in your household and ensure that you achieve success in your fitness goals.


After all the lifestyle fitness and everyday health we teach here at Total Workout Routines is not about giving up all the treats life has to offer, but rather to find a balance that maximizes health and happiness.

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